Enter 2015, I'm in college working at the student support services and searching for models who would want to hire me. Enter Jalisa, an aspiring model meets an aspiring photographer.
"She created me"
I'm not being dramatic, it's true. In the back of my mind I was afraid of approaching people and sharing that I'm a photographer. But Jalisa, showed me that this is what I LOVE!!! Exclamation Mark!
I did not pose her in these pictures, she set the bar for all other models to follow. 

Even to this day, when I am working with a customer, I think back on how naturally Jalisa would bring the world around her to life. Every three second, she would come up with a different pose. Cute, Innocent, Sexy. She could shuffle through any expression in seconds. If a shot didn't work. It was cause, I didn't frame it right. She inspired me to work harder and take better pictures. 

The downside was that I started thinking every aspiring model would be as talented as her. I learned the hard way that direction was my job.
When a model can not pose herself, I instinctively reflect on how seamlessly Jalisa would pose and I use that as a tool to direct models.

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